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RandTangle helps expats who have retirement annuities and other similar financial assets, trapped in South Africa.

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We offer a full administrative service that takes care of all the bureaucracy surrounding approvals, tax clearance and exchange controls on how to emigrate from South Africa so your money can go where you go. This can be possible through a process called Formal Emigration. Our industry has recently had a lot of noise around Financial Emigration – which is just a recently coined term for the same process. We’re the industry leaders in Formal Emigration.

We offer the same service to Tax Professionals and Auditors who outsource the admin of Formal Emigration and offshore beneficiary payments for their clients at no cost to them. Whatever your needs, if you are looking for professional service from a knowledgable team, with RandTangle you’re in good hands.

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Formal Emigration

The process of Formal Emigration includes procedures such as a taxpayer status change with the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) from resident to non-resident.


Executors & Trusts: Struggling to pay foreign beneficiaries – we can help. Businesses: Whether you are looking at direct foreign investment, grants or loans, we can assist with obtaining SARB approval, processes and documentation and look after all your forex needs.

Foreign Investments

Invest up to R10m per annum using Foreign Capital Allowance, and R1m through the Discretionary Allowance. We help with tax clearance and getting SARB approval.

Tax Clearance

Our tax practitioner offers a range of accounting and taxation, including annual returns, new company registrations, financials, tax clearances and directives.

Accounting Services

The tax practitioner at Randtangle offers a range of accounting, taxation, and related services, annual returns, new company registrations, tax clearances and directives.


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The Formal Emigration process may sound simple, but there are a lot of interactions, delays, complexities and conditional triggers. Managing these effectively can significantly reduce headaches and hold-ups. We deal with many bureaucratic organisations – most of whom want your money to stay just where it is! We have to carefully determine the right way to get it out – but it does take time. Make sure you partner with the right team and reduce the time needed. For a zero assets Formal Emigration, that time can be under a week. An asset laden Formal Emigration can take 16 weeks to 6 months. Non-compliant tax affairs can cause delays, but with our systems and processes, you’ll be in the best hands around to deliver an efficient process.

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